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is the best investment you can make to ensure success in building and operating your own Aquaponic system in Texas!

Why an Aquaponic Book just for Texas?

Texas presents a number of challenges to Aquaponics due to the tendency for weather to change so quickly, and often severely. When it is not changing rapidly, there are sometimes long periods of excessive heat or cold. These two factors alone can wreak havoc on an Aquaponic system.

The Texas Aquaponic Guide contains hundreds of hyperlinks and Aquaponic keywords, has an extensive Aquaponic Glossary, can be printed in color, has plenty of images for explanation, links to several outside sources of information, and is written in plain, easy to understand language.

A must have Reference Guide for Aquaponics in Texas!


about the author

Arturo Arredondo

Arturo Arredondo is an international Aquaponic Trainer, Lecturer, Consultant, and Author.

Considered the foremost authority on backyard Aquaponic farming in Texas, Arturo has trained over a thousand people in Aquaponics, in just Texas alone. His definitive book, The Texas Aquaponic Guide, is considered the “must have resource for Aquaponics" in Texas. His company, AquaponicAustin, has equipped hundreds of people with the resources needed to grow their own clean food using Aquaponics.

Realizing that Aquaponics alone is not a sustainable personal food production strategy, Arturo created the oriented Group called the Texas Aquaponic and TransFarmingTM Group, whose sole purpose is to help Texans transform their backyards into farmyardsTM. This is accomplished utilizing backup and redundancy techniques, along with water conservation methods, much like our Texas pioneering ancestors did.

His influence does not end there. Beyond his diversified efforts, Arturo also organizes the Texas Aquaponic Group. This group brings together Aquaponic endeavors from all over Texas and Latin America to serve as a reference resource for everything Aquaponic in Texas and beyond.

Arturo's father was a conventional farmer in Mexico and he grew up in the agriculturally rich region of the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. It is against this backdrop that he studied Aquatic Biology at the University of Texas, and Horticulture at Stephen F. Austin University.

Arturo works extensively with Non-Profit and International Organizations to bring the overwhelming benefits of Aquaponics and TransFarming techniques to those that need support the most. He balances his time between teaching, writing, research, development, and sustainable “food production” ventures throughout Texas and Latin America.

Currently, Arturo is involved in several projects that involve bringing Aquaponics and clean food growing methods into the classroom in both Texas and Latin America.



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